September 2019: A warm welcome back to pre-existing lab members and a welcome to the 14 new members!


June 2019: Devon’s convocation.

Congratulations Devon, you should be very proud of yourself!

Even though you’ve officially graduated, I’m glad you’ll be continuing in the lab for the rest of 2019.

IMG_1324 (1).jpg

CSBBCS (June 2019): This year, Dana had the opportunity to present a poster exploring how mood induction and depression history can modulate attention.


VSS Conference (May 2019): At VSS this year, Dana presented a poster exploring the effect of top-down processing on visual short-term memory.

April 2019: End-of-year potluck (and yes, there was food, although it’s not pictured here)!!

Thanks for a great year, everyone!


Royce-Harder 2019 Conference (April 2019)

Kaitlynn, Nimrit and Sara all did a great job presenting both a Blitz talk and a poster about their Honours thesis projects!



December 2018 - Holiday end-of-term potluck. We were having so much fun, we almost forgot to get a picture! Thanks to everyone in the lab for a great semester of meetings, data collection, and making Interest Areas for our video clip (so much work!). We missed you at the potluck, Don.

Good luck on your exams, everyone, and see you in the New Year!

September 2018. The lab got an Eyelink 1000 Plus, and celebrated with a 2-day training session! Thanks to SR Research for an informative session.