The Visual Attention and Social Processes (VASP) Lab


I am interested in the what, when, who, and how behind social attention processes. Specifically, 

What is social attention? Is it different from attention to everything else (and why would we think it would be?)

When do we pay attention to social information? What circumstances, situations, etc lead to prioritizing social attention? What happens in certain vs uncertain environments? In groups, how do we decide which person(s) to pay most attention to?

Who prioritizes social attention? Babies? Various patient groups?

How do we pay attention to social information? i.e., what are the underlying neural, genetic and epigenetic processes that subserve social attention? Does reward/motivation play a key role? If so, how?

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It’s official! Dana has been awarded with a New Investigator award for work she did at McGill University with Effie Pereira (co first author), Ross Otto, and Jelena Ristic. She presented work looking at social reward at the APA annual convention in August.